Compassion is in our nature.

Dove Hospice

Making Each Moment Meaningful

At Dove Hospice, the care is not about the end of life, it is about inspiring life – making each moment meaningful.

While we provide the best possible  care for patients, what makes us different is our approach. In fact, we try to set the standard for providing individualized care to our patients and families. We get to know them and learn what’s important to them.

We believe the key to excellent care lies in our patients’ life stories. Whether it’s providing a tea party for the patient and spouse, or  helping a grandfather facetime with his grandchildren in California, or honoring our World War II veterans, at Dove Hospice, we address the needs of the whole person by providing life-inspiring, individualized care.

Hospice care for you or your loved ones. 

If you or a member of your family are dealing with a life-limiting illness, you may be searching for options. Below is our list of signs to look for to determine if it's right time for hospice. 

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Is it the right time?

Signs that it may be the right time for Hospice


  • Frequent Hospitalizations or trips to the emergency room

  • Diagnosed with an advanced illness

  • Losing weight but not dieting

  • Calling the doctor more frequent than usual

  • Confused, decreased alertness, mental confusion  and can't get his or her medications right

  • Falling frequently

  • Frequent or reoccurring infections

  • Experiencing pain, even with prescribed pain medications

  • Needing help with three or more of the following:
         *   Getting in and out of bed
         *   Getting dressed
         *   Eating
         *   Bathing
         *   Walking

Take The Quiz


Many families tell us their only regret is not having called us sooner. If you are facing some difficult decisions about end-of-life care, Dove Hospice might be the answer. Here are six simple questions to see whether we can assist and support the patient and their family. Please check the box next to all that apply.

Have you:
1. Been diagnosed with a serious, life limiting illness by your physician?
2. Needed more frequent medical care, that would include more trips to the hospital, more visits/calls to the doctor’s office, etc.?
3. Experienced complications like pneumonia, urinary infections, anemia, shortness of breath, falls, etc?
4. Experienced any unpleasant symptoms like pain, nausea/vomiting, shortness of breath, fear, anxiety, loneliness, etc?
5. Been Spending more time in bed or a chair?
6. Needed more help in at least three of the following areas: bathing, getting in and out of bed, dressing, control of bowel/ bladder, eating, ability to walk without help to the bathroom?

Thanks for submitting!

Someone will contact you based on the information you submitted in this quiz to discuss your care options.