Medicare hospice benefits are covered under Medicare Part A (hospital insurance). There are several prerequisites to receive hospice benefits:

  • You meet all eligibility requirements of Medicare Part A.

  • You have been certified to be terminally ill by your physician and the hospice medical director. The certification must attest that you have 6 months or less to live.

  • You must sign a statement declaring your choice of hospice care instead of normal Medicare benefits.

  • The hospice you choose must accept Medicare.


Medicare coverage provides comprehensive medical care related to the terminal illness and includes medications, medical supplies and any medical equipment that are related to the terminal illness and included in the Hospice Plan of Care.

As a patient at Dove Hospice, you always have the option to discontinue hospice care and seek other treatment. It is important to know that treatment and services to cure your life-limiting illness are not covered under the Hospice Medicare Benefit. If you are considering treatment options to cure your illness, please consult with your physician. 

For more information about the Medicare Hospice Benefit, please read the Medicare Hospice Guide, a government publication provided by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found under Educational Resources.




Medicaid covers hospice care in most states and the District of Columbia, Medicaid is state funded insurance offered to low income families. Coverage varies from state to state. Please contact your local Department of Health office for more information about the Medicaid Benefit.

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In most cases, Dove Hospice accepts Medicare and Medicaid benefits as payment in full for our hospice services. Additionally, many private insurance companies cover hospice care. See your policy for more information. For your convenience, we have provided information regarding the Medicare and Medicaid benefits below.