Specialty Programs

Cardiac Care Journey program is a specialized hospice program for patients with advanced cardiac disease to provide ongoing education on the disease process, monitoring and relaxation techniques to improve overall symptom management.

Breathe Easy Journey Program for COPD patients provides education to the patient and caregivers on their disease, techniques to reduce exacerbations and identify symptoms early on to reduce re-hospitalizations.

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Special Moments Journey Program is a specialized program for patients with end stage Alzheimers disease. The program was designed to support the patient and caregivers with education on the disease progression, sensory type projects and relaxation techniques to reduce agitation.

Special Moments-Alternative Therapies was designed to support all specialty programs that includes hand massage, pet therapy, music intervention, aromatherapy and Reikki.

Advance Care Planning provides the opportunity to discuss your values, beliefs and treatment preferences to make informed decisions and clearly document your choices for current and future medical care and treatment.