Hospice-Veterans Partnership



At Dove Hospice, we are committed to the compassionate care of terminally ill veterans and their families. We understand the selfless service and sacrifices that our veterans have made in their mission to serve our country. As a result of their experiences, veterans often have unique challenges and require specialized care at the end-of-life. 


Dove Hospice has partnered with “We Honor Veterans” to ensure that our veterans have access to compassionate, quality care when dealing with a life-limiting illness. We provide our veterans with the opportunity to end their journey in a comfortable and dignified manner.  At Dove Hospice, we view this as our chance to finally give something back to those who have served our country.


The VA Hospice Benefit, which essentially mimics the Medicare Benefit, covers our services in full for eligible, enrolled veterans. Those veterans who have both the Veterans Administration Benefit and Medicare or Medicaid benefits have the choice of which benefit they would like to utilize. In either case, our veterans and their families can rest assured knowing that the Dove Hospice team will provide them with the best possible end-of-life experience at no cost to them.

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