What are advance directives?

“Advance directives” is a general term that refers to your oral and/or written instructions regarding future medical care, in the event that you become unable to communicate.  Advance directives provide you with a way to communicate your wishes to family, friends and healthcare professionals. 


By supplying Dove Hospice with a copy of your advance directives, you are ensuring that your desires will be respected no matter what and that there will be no confusion later.  There are two types of advance directives – a living will and a medical power of attorney. 

What are the Benefits of Advance Care Planning?

  • Provides the opportunity to discuss your values, beliefs and treatment preferences to make informed decisions.

  • Improves understanding of your medical condition and available options.

  • Clearly documents your choices for current and future medical care and treatment.

  • Identifies a trusted spokesperson (surrogate) to communicate on your behalf and ensure your wishes are respected.

  • Improves communication between all parties involved.

  • Provides guidance in completing an advance directive (e.g. living will or healthcare surrogate), if desired.

  • Ensures the treatment and care you want to receive in the future is honored.

  • Provides peace of mind to you, your family, friends and healthcare providers.